Red Source is a leading supplier of aid items and equipment to the humanitarian and peacekeeping sectors.

We specialise in rapid supply and logistics of Relief, Support, Health and Hygiene items to NGOs and we provide a wide range of tactical equipment and camp supplies to peacekeeping deployments around the world.

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Red Source delivers again. In partnership with GOAL, Red Source delivers further aid supplies to displaced families in Ukraine

Red Source, in partnership with GOAL Global, has recently supplied and delivered more vital aid items to IDP Shelters in Lviv, Irpin, Fastiv and Chernihiv in Ukraine.  The newly kitted shelters house Ukrainian families, displaced by Read more...

Red Source and GOAL – an ideal partnership

Red Source, international supplier of humanitarian relief, is proud to work with GOAL, the international humanitarian aid agency.  Working closely, GOAL and Red Source recently delivered 6500kgs of household aid to Ukraine. GOAL saves lives Read more...

Established in 2015, Red Source has become a trusted supplier of relief, support, health and hygiene products to the humanitarian sector.

Several regions are currently experiencing significant challenges due to conflict and mass displacement of people. Red Source supplies a range of aid items and equipment to NGO’s working tirelessly on the ground to provide critical and essential support.

In Eastern Europe we are currently supplying tonnes of food, medical, operational supplies and equipment into Ukraine following the sudden displacement of millions due to the conflict.

We have previously supplied hundreds of tonnes of food and blankets to several provinces in Afghanistan and containers of operational supplies and equipment to Somalia, Ethiopia and Mozambique

Our focus is very much on cost effective, rapid and often specialised delivery, to get supplies where they are urgently needed. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, professional approach and clear communication.

We have longstanding partners in numerous countries, providing local manufacturing, warehousing, kitting and localised delivery.

Red Source is ISO9001:2015 certified, registered in the United Kingdom and in the United Arab Emirates, with headquarters in Dubai.

Ready When You Aren’t

We specialise in rapid supply and logistics of relief, support, health and hygiene items to NGOs.

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@redsourceglobal can get emergency aid to challenging locations, within days.

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@redsourceglobal provides large quantities of water purification tablets to countries with contaminated drinking water.

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Always ready, even when you aren't.

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We continue to provide food and blankets throughout winter to NGO partners on the ground in Ukraine, Afghanistan and across our global network.

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We have stocks of generators and electric heaters ready to deliver immediately to Ukrainian homes in need of power and heat. With 3kW to 2mW units available, we handle unloading, placement and installation, with logistics capability to reach all locations in the country. Service and maintenance is also provided on request. Contact us now for more details.

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Our focus is on cost effective, rapid and often specialised delivery, to get supplies where they are urgently needed. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, professional approach and clear communication.

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Ready When You Aren't.

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Red Source Ukraine

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Red Source has delivered tons of aid and relief supplies into a number of affected cities and villages.

Working closely with our NGO clients, we have supplied a full range of food items, hygiene products, furniture, electrical goods, domestic supplies and equipment for several IDP (Internally Displaced People) centres in cities across the country.

With large parts of the utilities grid knocked out and with the onset of winter, we continue to supply generators, heaters, solar power packages, as well as sleeping bags and blankets.

We have provided thousands of first aid kits, tactical helmets and ballistic vests to medical teams in country and a range of PPE and medical kits to the contractors providing protection for the news crews and diplomatic services.

With our office in Kyiv and warehouses strategically located in Poland, Red Source can deliver quickly and efficiently, with clear communication throughout. We have proven logistic capability to access even the most challenging locations in country.


Red Source in Afghanistan

afghanistan collage

Red Source is actively providing humanitarian aid supplies directly to the people of Afghanistan.

In August 2021, the international community announced it’s departure from Afghanistan, resulting in an almost immediate collapse of the government and swift takeover by the Taliban. The chaotic scenes were witnessed by the world.

The people of Afghanistan have been reliant on international humanitarian support for years, but due to the sudden political uncertainty and increased security threat, the NGOs, along with everyone else, were forced to evacuate until the dust settled and a certain level of security could be assured. This left a humanitarian vacuum at a time when drought, the pandemic, the collapse of healthcare and the economy and a harsh winter became the perfect storm that would leave 23 million people on the brink of starvation and hypothermia.

Within days, in September 2021, Red Source entered Kabul and set up operations to fill the void and enable the NGOs to supply food and blankets through us. With their funding, we locally sourced hundreds of tons of food and blankets and delivered in truck convoys to thousands of families in several provinces. With further funding, we continue to deliver food, blankets, hygiene kits and educational supplies today, directly to the Afghan people.

For the comfort of our donors, we not only provide financial transparency, but we photograph and video every delivery, so they can see exactly where their money is being spent and who they are helping. We can usually place food in the hands of the families within seven to ten days of receiving funding.

“In Afghanistan, before our very eyes, we are witnessing the Live Aid moment of our generation.”

Mark Forrester, Founder and Managing Director, Red Source

Red Source Africa

Red Source has supplied operational items and equipment to a number of countries in Africa.

Recently we supplied a full range of bespoke furniture for two modular accommodation aid camps that housed the staff and their security details.

The delivery included every furniture item for each room, including living, sleeping and dining, all electrical appliances, all fixtures, fittings, flooring, sanitaryware and linens.

Due to the harsh environment, the furniture was of robust standard but was constructed to ensure maximum comfort. It was designed in flat pack form for easy transportation, storage, handling and simple assembly.

The torrential rainstorms in country during the onward shipments from Mogadishu to the remote locations, required hardwearing, special sealed waterproof packaging.

Upon completion of the first camp set up, due to positive customer feedback, several further orders were placed to Somalia and Mozambique.

ISO Certification: 9001 IRQAO ACSB Accreditation Quality Plus