Let Our Talent Find Yours!

At Red Source, we promise to provide you with top management and technical skill. We have an extensive network of top talent, across multiple disciplines. Our thorough candidate pre-screening and 15-plus years of experience, ensures that we match you with the right people in  terms of skills, talent, cultural background, and mindset.

Our manpower acquisition expertise includes but is not limited to Humanitarian, Security, Peacekeeping, Medical, Education, Skilled Labour, Project Management, Managerial and Support.

Whatever YOU Need

Whether you need to recruit on a Retained or Contingent basis,
let Red Source help!


  • Our team works exclusively with you so that you get our complete focus until we find you the right candidate(s).
  • We collaborate closely with you throughout the search providing regular feedback.


  • Non-exclusive so you have the option to use other resources to help with your search
  • We find and present you with our best candidates

How Can We Help?


At Red Source, we understand the intricacies of security clearance, often a showstopper. We also have a ready-to-deploy pool of pre-screened candidates of various nationalities, with NATO clearances.


Our proprietary system can be customised to build databases of elusive candidates with specialised qualifications, specific to the role you want to fill. All documentation and qualifications are stored in our system, enabling us to streamline out presentations to you.


Many technical managerial and support roles, demand highly experienced professionals. These positions can be challenging to fill, and talent may need to be sourced internationally. Candidates may already be in remote locations, overseas. Our technology connects you to robust candidate pipelines. All our candidates have standardised career profiles with answers to job-specific, technical questions.


Our systems, expertise and processes ensure recorded internal quality control.

Red Source

Our recruiting professionals screen for technical positions. With our knowledge of the labour market, we can advise on positions best suited to specific nationalities or teams, for mobilisation and a competitive edge. In such cases, our expertise can have a significant financial impact.


  • We collaborate with you to fully understand your precise requirements.
  • We determine what’s required to attract the right talent; salary, benefits, bonus, future opportunities, or initiatives
  • We work on presenting both you and this opportunity in the best light possible.

Candidate Experience –
Executive Roles

Using our executive recruiters guarantees that we apply the right level of seniority and experience to understand the candidates’ needs, examine industry trends, and match you with the very best candidate(s).

When there’s no room for compromise,
we find the talent you need.