“If you could pick up a camp, turn it on its side and shake it, everything that falls out, we supply.”


This is the best way to describe the array of products and materials that Red Source supply for camps of all types, size and location.

We provide a wide range of furniture and equipment for camps and for IDP (internally Displaced People) centres.

Our product range includes all aspects of camp supplies to include security, labour and managers accommodation, site offices, toilet blocks, welfare and catering units, shops, clinics and classrooms.

For accommodation camps and IDP centres, we supply every item required to house and support workforce or families, to include furniture, bedding and all welfare and domestic equipment. For military and security personnel we supply furniture items and equipment specifically designed and robustly manufactured to mix comfort with durability.

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Steel/wooden Bunk Bed & Single Bed
  • Steel Lockers & Wooden Cupboards
  • Medicated & Foam Mattress’
  • Pillows – Poly Fibre Filling & Soft Foam
  • Linens of all types
  • Sanitaryware and accessories
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Sofas and soft furnishing
  • Generators, air conditioning, heating, lighting and solar power
  • Kitchen/canteen equipment, dining furniture
  • White goods, all electrical and gas items
  • Meeting and conference tables, chairs, birds’ nest
  • TV’s, game consoles
  • Operational supplies and equipment
  • Cleaning and sterilisation products
  • Secure gun cabinets, weapon racks
  • Gymnasium, sports, leisure equipment
  • School/classroom furniture and equipment
  • Clinic furniture and equipment
  • Retail display, shelving, POS, electrical items

Red Source supplies directly to NGO’s operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments. On customer request, we take care of all aspects of logistics to include freight, handling, customs clearance, storage and delivery directly to the site.

No camp is too big or too small.