Stability operations encompass many types of operations that are conducted to re-establish and maintain a safe and secure environment and provide essential government services, emergency infrastructure reconstruction, and humanitarian relief. Those operations include civil security, civil control, restore essential services, support to governance, and support to economic and infrastructure development.

Red Source works closely with private sector, government and NGO actors operating in the Stability Operations and Humanitarian sectors. We provide a diverse selection of items and operational supplies & equipment, that are often needed quickly and delivered to austere and challenging environments.

In 2021, Red Source was on the ground in Kabul as a key supplier of food aid and relief items to NGOs in Afghanistan, following the collapse of the Ghani government.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been a major supplier of relief items, medical kits and tactical PPE into Ukraine. Our office and warehousing in Kyiv provide local and international supply, utilising air, sea and land logistics options.

Red Source in Kyiv is the exclusive distributor for a number of international manufacturers of products and equipment for ongoing and future stability operations across the country.

We are a regular supplier to leading international development companies and consultants facilitating government foreign aid.