Red Source is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Fonto De Vivo, a prominent name in water purification technology. As an expansion of our collaboration, Red Source has been awarded the exclusive distributorship rights for Fonto De Vivo's ORISA® water purification solution in Ukraine.

The ORISA® is designed and manufactured in France, specifically for deployment to the humanitarian sector. Red Source being a leading provider of operational supplies and equipment to relief and stability operations, this joint endeavour enhances the companies' shared commitment to providing vital resources for communities in need.

Fonto De Vivo's ORISA® water filtration system, known for its advanced technology and robust design, is created to address the critical water purification needs within the humanitarian sector. Red Source's established presence and expertise in service and delivery across Ukraine, make them the ideal distributor to ensure the widespread availability of this essential resource in crisis-stricken areas.

The units retain at least 99.9999992% of Campylobacter Jejuni and at least 99,992 % of Norovirus Murin, earning them the maximum 3-star rating from the WHO ‘Home Water Treatment Technology Assessment Programme’. With a shelf life of 5 years before first use, each filter produces a minimum of 20,000 litres of perfectly safe drinking water.

Hundreds of easy-to-use, portable ORISA® units have already been deployed with NGOs operating in Ukraine.

"We are honoured to further contribute to the humanitarian sector in Ukraine through our collaboration with Fonto De Vivo," stated Mark Forrester, Group Managing Director at Red Source. "Access to clean and safe drinking water is essential, and we are committed to supporting the communities in need. The ORISA® product will make a significant impact on the well-being of those facing very challenging circumstances."

The partnership between Red Source and Fonto De Vivo underscores the dedication to harnessing innovation to support society in Ukraine, providing humanitarian organizations with reliable equipment to address urgent water purification needs.

David Monnier, President at Fonto De Vivo, expressed, "Collaborating with Red Source to extend the reach of our ORISA®water filtration product to the humanitarian sector in Ukraine aligns seamlessly with our values. Ensuring access to clean water is essential for the health and dignity of individuals, especially during times of crisis. We are confident that this partnership will contribute significantly to providing safe water resources to those who need it the most."

For more information about Fonto De Vivo's ORISA® water filtration product, visit the website . For information on ORISA® availability for the humanitarian sector in Ukraine, please email:

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