With the onset of another hard winter in Ukraine, Red Source is prepared for the increase in demand for power, heat, light and cold weather protection items.

Last winter saw the specific targeting of the power and water infrastructure across the country, which resulted in a surge of urgent requests for generators and portable power stations. The sudden high demand created a shortfall in supply, resulting in unacceptable increases in price for critical items.

Our team has been busy all year, identifying the best, most cost-effective items and equipment, to ensure availability, should demand begin to spike.

“We learned a lot from the rapid surge in demand last winter,” says Jaime Ovington, Red Source Head of Supply Chain. “The sudden influx of requests for large quantities of small generators and battery packs quickly depleted local stocks, resulting in the need to look further afield. The prices in neighbouring countries increased dramatically as the demand became clear. We have spent the last six months identifying and securing stocks of the equipment that is already approved for use in Ukraine, so we are well prepared, should the power network be targeted again.”

Since the very beginning of the conflict, Red Source has been a regular supplier of generators, power packs, electric heaters, lights, solid fuel stoves, blankets, sleeping bags and water filtration, to several humanitarian & technical aid projects and stability operations, right across the country.

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