Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Red Source has delivered tons of aid and relief supplies into a number of affected cities and villages.

Working closely with our NGO clients, we have supplied a full range of food items, hygiene products, furniture, electrical goods, domestic supplies and equipment for several IDP (Internally Displaced People) centres in cities across the country.

With large parts of the utilities grid knocked out and with the onset of winter, we continue to supply generators, heaters, solar power packages, as well as sleeping bags and blankets.

We have provided thousands of first aid kits, tactical helmets and ballistic vests to medical teams in country and a range of PPE and medical kits to the contractors providing protection for the news crews and diplomatic services.

With our office in Kyiv and warehouses strategically located in Poland, Red Source can deliver quickly and efficiently, with clear communication throughout. We have proven logistic capability to access even the most challenging locations in country.

ISO Certification: 9001 IRQAO ACSB Accreditation Quality Plus