Red Source, international supplier of humanitarian relief, is proud to work with GOAL, the international humanitarian aid agency.  Working closely, GOAL and Red Source recently delivered 6500kgs of household aid to Ukraine.

GOAL saves lives and empowers communities to develop resilience and greater control over their lives and livelihoods. It aims to increase the resilient wellbeing of the world’s poorest people and focuses on those who are excluded or marginalised, particularly those who are vulnerable due to socio-economic status, gender or age. With a headquarters in Ireland, GOAL works in 15 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Ukraine.

“We are impressed by the lifesaving and life changing programmes that GOAL is delivering in Ukraine, Africa and around the world,” said Eimear O’Halloran, General Manager at Red Source. “We are honoured to work with GOAL to deliver aid to Ukraine and we look forward to growing our relationship.”

“GOAL is pleased to partner with Red Source on the sourcing and delivery of humanitarian aid, including food and first aid supplies, for GOAL’s operations in Ukraine,” said Eamon Sharkey, Director, Fundraising at GOAL. “Tackling the challenges of poverty, crisis and social injustice is complex and can only be achieved by working with others towards shared objectives. Aligning approaches, resources and expertise, our collective impact is greater and more effective than anything we could achieve on our own.”

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