Red Source is actively providing humanitarian aid supplies directly to the people of Afghanistan.

In August 2021, the international community announced it’s departure from Afghanistan, resulting in an almost immediate collapse of the government and swift takeover by the Taliban. The chaotic scenes were witnessed by the world.

The people of Afghanistan have been reliant on international humanitarian support for years, but due to the sudden political uncertainty and increased security threat, the NGOs, along with everyone else, were forced to evacuate until the dust settled and a certain level of security could be assured. This left a humanitarian vacuum at a time when drought, the pandemic, the collapse of healthcare and the economy and a harsh winter became the perfect storm that would leave 23 million people on the brink of starvation and hypothermia.

Within days, in September 2021, Red Source entered Kabul and set up operations to fill the void and enable the NGOs to supply food and blankets through us. With their funding, we locally sourced hundreds of tons of food and blankets and delivered in truck convoys to thousands of families in several provinces. With further funding, we continue to deliver food, blankets, hygiene kits and educational supplies today, directly to the Afghan people.

For the comfort of our donors, we not only provide financial transparency, but we photograph and video every delivery, so they can see exactly where their money is being spent and who they are helping. We can usually place food in the hands of the families within seven to ten days of receiving funding.

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