“If you could pick up a camp, turn it on its side and shake it, everything that falls out, we supply.”

This is the best way to describe the array of products and materials that Red Source supply for camps of all types, size and location to the Humanitarian, Peacekeeping, Construction, Offshore and Events sectors.

We provide a wide array of furniture and equipment for aid camps, security accommodation, labour accommodation, managers accommodation, site offices, toilet blocks, welfare units, clinics, classrooms etc.

Humanitarian and Peacekeeping

For refugee and aid camps we supply every item required to house and support a family, from tents to modular units, furniture, bedding and all camp welfare equipment.

We provide all FF&E and OS&E items for aid and support workers, volunteers and for management and security personnel.

For peacekeeping and defense personnel we supply furniture items and equipment specifically designed and manufactured to mix comfort with durability.

Construction and Offshore

Red Source provide an array of furniture and equipment for site offices, labour accommodation and all welfare requirements, to suit all standards and to house from 50 to upwards of 50,000 personnel.

For offshore requirements, all our items are designed and manufactured to offshore specification.

Choose from our selection of furniture packs or provide your own specifications for your requirement to be manufactured to order. Our factories are not only stringently prequalified, we’ve been working with them for more than six years and have supplied robust, high quality, budget friendly furniture and equipment to numerous camp projects.

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Steel Bunk Bed & Single Bed
  • Wooden Bunk Beds & Single Beds
  • Steel Lockers & Wooden Cupboards
  • Medicated & Foam Mattress’
  • Pillows – Poly Fiber Filling & Soft Foam
  • Linens of all types
  • All sanitaryware and accessories
  • All air conditioning, heating and lighting
  • Kitchen/canteen equipment, dining furniture
  • White goods
  • Meeting and conference tables, chairs, birds nests
  • TV’s, game consoles
  • Operational supplies and equipment
  • Secure gun cabinets, weapon racks (peacekeeping)
  • Gymnasium, sports, leisure equipment Classroom furniture and equipment
  • Clinic furniture and equipment
  • Retail display & shelving, POS, electrical items
  • Flooring

Red Source supply directly to primary, secondary and tertiary sector entities and also work in partnership with modular accommodation companies and site service providers to some of the world’s most challenging environments.

ISO Certification: 9001 IRQAO ACSB Accreditation Quality Plus